We specialize in the following services:

Trained tactical threat management rapid response teams trained in methods of non-violent human threat management prepared for global deployment within 24hrs.

Tactical Threat Management instructors are prepared to teach methods of threat deterrence, through tactical pschology, and threat detection to prevent predatory human actions.  Threat defense is taught to enable practicioners to create the most non-pviolent outcome possible by learning tactics and strategies to escape, control, or immobilize human aggression within 3 movements or less.  This is achieved without violating state, national and international laws.   Simultaneously our training systems emphasize the importance of avoiding adversarial interactions, reducing opportunity for injury and the option for creating avoidable conflict and deaths.

internalized infiltration services are designed to enable aid agencies and organizations to acquire real-time information regarding compliance with agency policy by those in the field.
A threat management division is establish by the administration of an organization , a threat manager can pose as a normal member of that organization or agency, and the threat managemenrt specialist will be gathering archiving video data and sending it to the administrators of that organization only.